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School Board Policies

The school board and district administration are engaged in a comprehensive review of its policies and regulations. Please click the policy code letters to view the policy.

7-12 Student Handbook 2019-2020

Elementary Student Handbook 2019-2020


AAA– Philosophy of Public Schools

AAB– District Goals and Objectives

AAC- Nondiscrimination and Harassment Policy

AAC-BR1- Discrimination and Harassment Grievance Policy

AAC-BR2 – Title IX Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure

AAC-E1- Filing a State or Federal Discrimination and or Harassment Complaint

AAC-E2 Confidentiality and Assessment

AAC-E3 Training Requirements for Employees

AAC-E4 Reasonable Accommodation Request Physician Form

AAC-E5 Notice of Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint

AAC-E6 Sample Website Posting for Title IX Compliance

AACA– Section 504 Dispute Resolution Policy

AACA-E1 – School District Duty Under Section 504

AACA-E2-Section 504 Notice & Procedural Safeguards Guidelines

ABAB– Length of School Year

ABAC– Transportation

District Bus Route Map

ABBA– ND Comprehensive Model School Policy for Tobacco Use

ABBB– Non-Curricular Use of District Property

ABBB-EX– Contract for After Hours School Use

ABBE– Displays of Religious Objects or Documents

ABCC– Wellness Policy

ABCC-AR Building Level Wellness

ABCC- AR2 Physical Activity Regulations

ABCE– Prohibition on Aiding Sexual Abuse

ABEA-BR1 Child Nutrition Program Civil Rights Complaint Procedure

ABEA-AR1 Building Level Wellness Policy Coordinators

ABEA-AR2 Physical Activity and Recess Regulations

ABEA-AR3 Smart Snacks in Schools Regulation

ABEA-E Wellness Policy Assessment

ABEB-E2 – Child Nutrition Programs Civil Rights Complaints Log

ACAA– Emergency Closing

ACAA-AR Telework Procedure

ACBA– Automated External Defibrillators (AED)

ACBB– Significant Contagious Diseases

ACBB-AR1 Responding to Potential Health Threats

ACBD– Medication Program

ACBD-EX Medication Parental Release Form

ACDA– Acceptable Use

ACDA-EX– Acceptable Use Policy for Rolette Public School

ACEA– Bullying Policy

ACEA-EX1– Staff Bullying Report Form

ACEA-EX2– Student Bullying Report Form

ACEA-EX3– Bullying Investigation Procedure

ACF– Whistleblower Protections Policy


BA– School Board Ethics

BA-BR– School Board Ethics Regulation

BAA– Employing Board Members

BBA Board Elections & Terms of Office

BBBA Officers and Their Duties

BBBB School Board Committees

BBC Board Vacancies

BC Meetings of the Board

BDA Policy Formulation Duties

BDD Compensation and Expenses for Board Members

BFD-Board Members Visits to School


CABB Administrative Staff


DBAA-Recruitment, Hiring, & Background Checks for New Classified Personnel

DBAC– Recruitment, Hiring, & Background Checks for New Instructional Personnel

DBBA-Drug and Alcohol Testing for Employees

DBCB– Classified Staff Contract Negotiations

DCA– Salary Payments

DCAB -Teacher Scholarship Policy

DD -Leaves

DDAA– Family and Medical Leave

DDAA-BR– Family and Medical Leave Regulations

DDC -NDEA Annual Convention

DEAA -Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace

DEAF -Occupational Safety

DECB– Staff Participation In Community Activities

DFAA– Teacher Evaluations

DGGA– Professional Development Plan

DED -Administrative Leave And Suspension

DHBA -Professional Development Plan

DHBB -Instructional Staff

DHBC -Extended Contracts

DI -Personnel Records

DJA -Substitute Teachers

DKA– Reduction in Force Policy

DKA-EX– Reduction in Force Exhibit

DKD Mandatory Retirement


FAAA Enrollment

FAAB Early Enrollment

FAB School Assignment and Choice

FCAF Concussion Management

FCB Release of Students During School Hours

FDB Education of Homeless Students

FDB-BR Education of the Homeless Dispute Resolution

FDB-E1 Caregiver Authorization Form

FDB- E2– District Level Dispute Resolution Form

FDD Education of Pregnant and Parenting Students

FDE Education of Special Education/Disabled Students

FDH– Students in Foster Care

FDH-BR1– Foster Care Student Transportation Procedure

FDH-BR2– Foster Care Dispute Resolution

FDH-E2– Foster Care Student Transportation Plan

FF Student Conduct and Discipline

FF-EX Discipline Policy

FFA Alcohol & Other Drug/Abuse

FFA-EX Substance Abuse Policy

FFB Attendance and Absences

FFD Carrying Weapons

FFE Extracurricular Participation Requirements

FFF Activities and Field Trips

FFG Student Assemblies

FFK Suspension and Expulsion

FFK-BR Suspension and Expulsion Regulations

FG Student Rights and Responsibilities

FGA Student Education Records

FGA-BR Student Education Records Access and Amendment Procedure

FGA-EX Notification of Rights Under FERPA for Elementary and Secondary Students

FGBB Student Prayer During Non-Instructional Time

FGDB Student Handbooks

FGDD Student Publications & Freedom of Expression

FH – Rolette High School- Senior Privileges

FH-EX– Parent Permission Slip for Senior Privileges


GAAA Curriculum Design and Evaluation

GAAB Curriculum Adoption

GAAC Review and Complaints of Instructional & Resource Material

GAAC-BR Procedure for Reviewing Complains About Instructional/Resource Material

GAAD– Selection of Instructional Materials

GABAA English Language Learners

GABC Sex Education

GABDB Title Programs Dispute Resolution Procedure

GACB Patriotic Exercises

GACCA Dual Credit Policy

GCBA Grading

GCAA Grade Promotion, Retention, & Acceleration

GCAA-AR Grade Promotion, Retention & Acceleration Procedure

GCAA-BR Retention

GCBB Student Progress Reports

GCC Educational Research & Surveys of Students

GDB Graduation Exercises


HBAA Federal Fiscal Compliance

HBCC Fundraising

HCAA Purchasing

HCAB Bidding Requirements & Procedures

HCAE Disbursement of Monies

HEAA Line Item Transfer Authority

HEBB Cash in School Buildings

HEBC Fraud Prevention & Investigation

HEBD Audits


IB Food Service Program Rescinded 2/2021 See Policy ABEB

IB-BR- Meal Charging Procedure Rescinded 2/2021

IDC Data Protection & Security Breaches

IEAA School Vehicle Safety

IEAB Mileage and Expenses

IEAC Transportation

KAAA Visitors in the School


KAAA Visitors in the School

KAB Parental Involvement

KACB Patron Complaint Policy


LAC Relations with Colleges and Universities

LBA Relations with Armed Forces Recruiting Units

LBE Relations with Tribal Communities


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